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Posted by Laurie and Gavin on 12/04/2018   Email

Good work on the website, we are big fans of Pat Duffy and hope he can climb the rankings this year. Regards, Gavin and Laurie from Gavin And Pals #gavinandpals #gavin #laurie

Posted by peter shaw on 23/03/2018

Pat Duffy does a great job publicising our sport, great coverage (see ping pong wizard). Keep up the good work!

Posted by Linton powell on 22/02/2018   Email

How can i get in touch are you a club How can i join.

Posted by George Johnston on 11/01/2018   Email

Great fresh look to the website for 2018. Well done Sinclair.

Posted by Martin Pickles on 06/12/2017

Very sorry to hear the news about Drew McLaren. He always played well in the 6 Nations championships over the many years.

Posted by Derek Lundie on 30/11/2017

Very sad to hear of the passing of Drew McLaren . He was very nice guy . He helped other people in many ways . He was a good laugh and always great for a blether . Rest in peace Drew .

Posted by Laszlo Kepes on 09/08/2017   Email

Dear Scottish Veterans! My name is Kepes Laszlo/Hungary and I made a video of this year's veteran table tennis tournament, which I uploaded to You Tube. Given that many UK players have achieved good results, I recommend the video to their attention. Search address: European Veteran Table Tennis Championships 2017, Helsingborg, Sweden,26 June-1July Sincerely, Kepes Laszlo, Hungary

Posted by john hinge on 05/08/2017   Email

Anyone in the Lanark area who might be willing to give some one to one instruction to a returning veteran.

Posted by Eilidh Letham on 25/01/2017   Email

Hello all, I work for a community organisation which supports isolated older people by helping them get in touch with clubs and things to do. I am currently working with a gentleman in his 70s in the Craigleith area of Edinburgh who would very much like to take up table tennis again (I believe he played a lot several years ago). I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any groups near this area that he could join? Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Posted by Ma Long on 04/12/2016

Hi! unbelievable shots!!! :o

Posted by Don mcgilvray on 22/02/2016   Email

Sad to hear about Eddie Herrity.I played with Eddie in the Exiles club in Londonfor several years.Met up with him again in the VETTS events .Eddie was Good guy .Regards Don

Posted by Roz Beck on 21/02/2016   Email

If anyone is considering a ladder competition for their TT club, I have found an excellent free website called that does everything automatically once players join and input their results. It requires quite a bit of initiative from the players but otherwise is easy to organise. Hope this is of use and let me know if any questions. Great tournament yesterday as usual, even if I can't produce great results!

Posted by Mircea Nistor on 07/02/2016   Email

Hiya, I've recently move into Dunfermline area and as a former profesional table tennis, early years, I still have 'microb' in my blod. I would like to joint and play, whenever posible. P.S Just to mention only the former junior EU champions that were my coleagues, Otilia Badescu, Emilia Ciosu. Regards, Mircea Nistor

Posted by Winnie Stein on 07/01/2016

Very sad to read this news. Eddie played in many of our tournaments and represented Scottish Vets a number of times with the notable doubles win Derek mentions.

Posted by Derek Lundie on 06/01/2016

Very sad to hear of the death of Eddie Herrity . He was a smashing guy . A gentleman and a really good player . He played in our tournaments for a good many years , despite a long journey from England . He made an excellent team in the 6 Nations with Geoff Salter . A highlight was them winning 6 Nations over 50s doubles . Brilliant performance . Rest in peace .

Posted by geoff salter on 06/01/2016   Email

It is with great sadness Ive just heard that Eddie Herrity passed away on Jan 4th. Eddie had been ill for sometime but made a recovery and last year I played him in the English National vets. A very good counter hitter with a big forehand he was one of the foremost members in the early days of the Association. He lived in Oxfordshire.The Funeral Directors are J.Godfrey 01235 767165, the funeral next week. Geoff

Posted by Roz Beck on 05/12/2015   Email

Particularly enjoyed Assessment 2 as I seemed to get a lot more games than usual - 3rds and 4ths grouped together I think in 50s. Thanks Ian and Co.

Posted by Henry Murphy on 31/08/2015   Email

Any clubs in the Bellshill area(Motherwell). I'm 69 now retired, been away from the game for 40 years but would like to take it up again.Any clubs cater for my age group? Henry Murphy

Posted by George Johnston on 12/03/2015   Email

TT available at Ardrossan,ayrshire.

Posted by Hugh O'Donnell on 16/02/2015   Email

Hi Do you knw of any vet clubs in the North Lanarkshire area? Thanks, Hugh

Posted by John Baxter on 22/01/2015   Email

At Muir of Ord we have a thriving and active table tennis club aimed at mainly at the retired (pensioners). New members are with or without playing experience are always welcome.

Posted by Linda Powell on 21/10/2014

Re the 6os event at Assessment 1: a typo - it was Richard, not Robert, Masterton who beat me in the 1st match in Round 1.Good day out - loved having some doubles!Linda Powell

Posted by Andrew Endredy on 04/10/2014   Email

Hello Everybody, When are we starting an 80+ age group? Regards, Andrew Endredy

Posted by Paul Clark on 29/08/2014   Email

Are there any clubs in Ayrshire that would welcome 60 year olds? about to retire and would be good to pick up the game again after 30 + years away!

Posted by Rita Murray on 30/07/2014

Are there any clubs in the Glasgow West/ Dumbarton area which would welcome over 60's?

Posted by Norman Lovie on 18/07/2014   Email

Congratulations to Geoff Salter... Brilliant performance in Hungary .. Well done my son...

Posted by Ros Beck on 14/06/2014   Email

Just want to let folk know that Drew McLaren and John McCulloch have been chosen to carry the Commonwealth Games Baton tomorrow in Bathgate, for their service to TT. Not sure if John is a Vets member now, but I have seen him at past events. Congratulations to them and any other Vets who are doing this elsewhere.

Posted by Di Williams on 10/05/2014   Email

Please would you send me information about playing 60+matches. I am back playing the game at Haddington after many years (used to be a county junior - Lancashire).

Posted by david levinson on 06/05/2014   Email

Live in Edinburgh, back playing after many years, now 78, info re playing with the scottish vets

Posted by Secretary on 30/03/2014

Hi Dave . Welcome .If you contact this lady would put you on a list for tournament entry forms .

Posted by Dave robertson on 27/03/2014   Email

Hi I am interested in becoming a member I have just turned fifty can you send me some stuff cheers

Posted by Linda Powell on 29/01/2014

Just a wee correction to the O-60s report from 19th January: Michael Schoenhofen didn't lose all his group matches - he beat me!3/0 I think. I still won the group because Peter S and I won 2 singles each, but I'd beaten him so I came top. (Bet that never happens again!)

Posted by Kim Holt on 08/11/2013   Email

Hi Eddie, my fab old boss, looks like you are still doing good at table tennis!! Not missing the MOD neither!

Posted by Dave Beveridge on 14/10/2013   Email

Just wanted to say thanks to all of my opponents and everyone else I met for the first time in Bathgate yesterday. Everyone treated me with great friendship and sporting courtesy. I do think a shift up in age bracket may be required soon - but may make little difference to my fortunes. Perseverando (as they say in Buckhind).

Posted by Roy Claxton on 29/09/2013   Email

A little late I know. But I only learnt today about the medal haul in Dublin. Well done to all.

Posted by Johnny Campbell on 22/09/2013   Email

Very many congratulations to all the medal winners at the recent Vets Six Nations ,especially the over 40s team. Absolutely brilliant result.

Posted by Norman Lovie on 21/08/2013   Email

Good luck to all the Scottish players playing in next months 6 nations in Dublin

Posted by james mcleod on 15/07/2013   Email

looking for a table tennis club for older people in the east kilbride hamilton area

Posted by Brian Finn on 08/01/2013

Happy New Year to ALL of my Scottish friends!! This year, Six Nations will be in Dublin on September 13, 14, 15. I've asked Derek Lundie for details of the Scottish Delegate so that information can be channeled accordingly. More info will be available towards March-April.

Posted by Eddie Herrity on 23/12/2012   Email

Any chance of a report on Assessment 2?

Posted by MIKE LUCAS on 30/03/2012   Email

Does anyone know the dates of this years vets 6 nations tournament?

Posted by Eddie Herrity on 17/03/2012   Email

Saw Geoff last weekend at Blackpool. He is on the mend but has lost about 5 kilos in weight due to his illness. He only played in the over 60's doubles losing in the 1st round. He is understanably very short of practice but I'm sure he'll get back to his bset soon.

Posted by neil hastie on 03/02/2012   Email

hi geof hope ur better soon .missed u in guernsey 6 nat vets neil

Posted by Roy Claxton on 26/01/2012   Email

Just heard that Geoff Salter was unfortunate to contract a TB infection while his immune system was low during chemo. He is in Durham University Hospital. He says he's being well cared for. Speedy recovery Geoff.

Posted by Joan McDonnell on 24/01/2012

Hi Neil, thanks I will come along soon

Posted by Neil Doherty on 23/01/2012   Email

Hi Joan,we have a very active but small club in Knightswood,Glasgow.You're more than welcome to come along and have a look. Neil

Posted by Bill Fleming on 14/01/2012   Email

Hi, am I in tomorrow's tournament at Bathgate, I've not heard or seen anything to let me know. Regards Bill

Posted by Joan McDonnell on 08/01/2012

Hi, I never played in any league but I used to play every lunchtime at work a number of years ago and it got very competitive. I have not played for a number of years but wondered if there were any clubs with opportunities for the over 50's ladies to play? my postcode is PA40PN and I'm in Renfrew

Posted by geoff salter on 30/08/2011   Email

Dear 6 Nations team, I am sorry to pull out at the 11th hour but I have an appointment in hospital for the 7th Sep.Thanks for all your support. I know Charlie,Davie,Ian,Winnie and Carol will give a good account of themselves. Best Wishes Geoff.

Posted by johnny campbell on 24/07/2011   Email

Any 'achievments' I may have gained recently or in the past pale into insignificance when viewed against the death of Malcolm Hutton. He was a lovely little guy and I liked him a lot.

Posted by Janice Guthrie on 27/06/2011   Email

I am Malky's eldest daughter. On behalf of my mum and the rest of the family I would just like to say thank you for your kind words. I am hoping to make a memory book for his grandchildren and would like to ask if anyone has any pictures of him playing his beloved game that they could email to me.

Posted by Eddie Herrity on 21/06/2011   Email

I only knew Malky over a short period of time but liked him enormously and had great respect for him and his game. He competed fiercely but fairly and was always respectful whether wininh or losing. He will be sorely missed.

Posted by Maggie Mulhern on 14/06/2011   Email

Sad news about Malky, condolences to his family from the Vets in the Isle of Man

Posted by Alan Mitchell on 14/06/2011   Email

Just saw the news about Malky's death. Unbelievably sad news. Hadn't seen him in a long time since I now live abroad, but I first met him about 35 years ago. So many memories of playing with and against him, and also just hanging out. I know he will be missed by many, many people. My condolences to his family.

Posted by Roy Claxton on 09/06/2011   Email

I heard today that Malcolm (Malky) Hutton has died suddenly. A true "character" in every sense of the word. He' Callum Gerrard and I won the Scottish Inter League Vets' Team Championship last year. I have shaken his hand many times after some epic, hard-faught battles. Like many others I shed a tear at his loss. I will miss him dearly.

Posted by Roy Claxton on 17/05/2011   Email

Ron, if you give me your email address, I can get in touch wih some advice regarding where you can play. Roy

Posted by Iain Rhhind on 14/05/2011   Email

Message to Ron Watkins - I also live in EK. Drop me an email and I may be able to help you.

Posted by Ron Watkins on 16/04/2011

Just stumbled on your site. I used to player in a 3 a side league in Birmingham years ago. How do I find out about clubs and venues I could join to start playing again? My postcode is G74 3EX, that's East Kilbride. I am happy to travel a wee way to other areas if necessary. hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

Posted by Groundskeeper Willie on 15/04/2011

We always knew you were a sassenach Salter ! Step back across the border and you'll be hung , drawn and quartered . I always said that cockney accent was adead giveaway .

Posted by Geoff Salter on 15/04/2011   Email

Hi all, a funny thing happened the other day .I have been invited to represent the English Vetts O 60s at Istanbul in an International Team event. I'm sorry to tell you I said yes.I beg your forgiveness.Technically I'm playing for the Vetts so this shouldnt compromise my Scottish credentials,although some may disagree. Yours in TT Geoff.

Posted by Davie T on 03/04/2011

A big congratulations to all the players who have qualified for the teams at the 6 nations.I am sure everyone will agree we are looking strong.

Posted by Roy Claxton on 14/12/2010   Email

The new web site looks good. Thanks to the committee for their hard work over the last year. You do a brilliant job. (Except for giving me such a bad draw every time.)

Posted by geoff salter on 17/11/2010   Email

Dear all 6 Nations representatives and all Scottish vets, My apologies for the long delay thanking the team for their fantastic support and kindness in Wolverhampton.I was very touched by the sincerity and humanity of you Scots ! Just a note to let you know that the Hospital have told me there is no further growth in my bladder. I will be in the team for some time yet ! Best Wishes,Geoff.