The climax of the season, the National Championships, where players can make their final bid to claim places in the SVTTA Teams for Cardiff 2018, has eventually come; and what a day it turned out to be! On with the action….

In the 40+ event, David Tait made a return and found himself in a group 2 along with Keith Dingwall, Charlie Ellis, Steven Collins and Ian McHarg.  The first two games, between David and Charlie, and Ian and Steven, were both decided in five games; Charlie led David 2-1, but David took the match with 11-9, 11-7 games. Ian scraped home 11-8 in the fifth 11-8. Then Keith made his debut but was sent packing, losing 0-3 to David. So David had defeated the top two seeds in the opening games and continued his unbeaten runs with wins over Ian and Steven. Charlie and Keith both won their next games against Ian and Steven, Keith had a shock 0-3 loss at the hands of Ian and in the last game to decide second place between Keith and Charlie, Keith took the first game 12-10 but Charlie won the next three to go to the knock-out stage as group runner up with David. Ian, Keith and Steve finished in places 3-5.

Group 1 looked to be a straight contest between Dariusz Szymczak and Dylan deSilva.  And so it proved; neither Fiona Kinloch nor

Charlie Ellis - 40+ ChampionGregor Kspaizek really troubled them, Gregor defeating Fiona 3-1 to take third place in the group. In the decider, Dylan won the opener 11-8, but then lost the next two, 7-11. 9-11. He levelled the match with a very close 11-9 win and just edged the decider 12-10 for top place. 

In the first semi, Charlie edged the first two games 11-9 from Dariusz and then convincingly won the third 11-1 to reach the final. By contrast, the other semi was far closer.  David took the first

11-6 only for Dylan to level it by the same score. David led again with a 13-11 win and again Dylan levelled the match by the same score.  In the deciding game, Dylan held his nerve and won it 11-8 for a place in the final. Charlie took the opening game 11-5 but Dylan hit back to level it 11-6. It seemed that Charlie stepped up a gear or two and easily took the next two 11-4, 11-5 to become the 40+ National Champion with Dylan runner-up.

Charlie Ellis - 40+ National Champion


The 50+ event began with five groups with the top two going to the knock-out stages. Group 1 was decided by three 3-0 score-lines; Gerry Campbell defeated Callum Gerrard and Paul Dowden and Callum defeated Paul.  Group 2 saw Gordon Waddell defeat Richard Lo 3-0 and Andy Keith, 3-1. Andy also qualified for the next stages, defeating Richard also 3-1.

The remaining groups had four players in them. Alan Whitton came through in first place with three 3-0 wins; Neil Doherty, Joy Daniels and Maureen Moran being his victims.  Joy took second place after 3-1 wins over Neil and Maureen. A straight game win over Maureen gave him third place but it was Joy and Alan that went through to the next stages. Group 4 saw David Simpson emerge as the winner. He scraped home against Robbie McIntosh in the group opener, 16-14 in the fifth. Then a couple of wins, 3-0 over Harry Campbell and 3-1 over Tam Lawlor saw him win the group.  Tam took second place with a close 3-0 win over Robbie and Robbie was third, edging out Harry also 3-0. In the last group, Colin Green and Paul Monteith edged out Andrew Exton and Bill Paterson. In the final game of the group, Colin led by two games, 12-10, 11-8, but Paul got back into the game with an 11-8 win, but Colin scraped home in the fourth, 16-14. (A shout of lucky boy, or something similar, was heard at that point!) Bill defeated Andrew 3-0 in a close match for third place.

Gerry Campbell - 50+ Champion

In the two preliminary matches, Andy Keith progressed with a 3-1 win over Joy Daniels and Tam Lawlor beat Callum Gerrard in three. Andy’s prize for his win was a meeting with Gerry Campbell and he took the opening game 11-9, but Gerry hit back taking the next three to book a semi-final place. Tam then played Gordon Waddell for a semi place; Gordon took the first, but Tam took the next two, 11-9, 13-11, only for Gordon to level it. In the decider, Tam was always in control, winning 11-6 for a semi place. Alan Whitton and Colin Green contested the third quarter final; and what a close game it was! The first four games were shared; Alan had 11-9, 11-4 wins and Colin, 11-6 and11-9. In the fifth, it was Colin who edged home, 11-8 in a great match. The fourth quarter final brought two Dundee legends (of the past?) together; David Simpson and Paul Monteith. This time it was Paul who had a big win, 11-9, 11-6, 11-7.

Paul’s opponent in the semi was Gerry, with Gerry easing home 3-0.  In the other semi between Tam and Colin, it was Colin who won in four; after losing the second game, Colin hit back, winning 14-12 in the fourth. The final between Gerry and Colin was a quick one with Gerry giving no chances at all to Colin and winning 11-6, 11-2, 11-5.

Gerry Campbell - 50+ National Champion


The 60+ event saw Geoff Salter declaring that he had never lost a 60+ tie before attempting to retain his title and keep that record.  Group 1 saw Roy Claxton win it with a 3-0 win over Monte Bleasdale and a very close 3-2 win over Jim Anderson. Jim edged out Monte to take second place and a place in the next stage. In group 2, Peter Aird, seeking to keep a top three place overall, had 3-0 wins over John Kerr and Abdul Khalid but had a great match against Peter Shaw. After losing the first, Peter Aird took the next two but in the fourth, Peter Shaw had a 12-10 win.  In the decider, it was another 12-10 win, but this time it was Peter Aird to take the top place. Peter Shaw also defeated John and Abdul for second place and John edged out Abdul for third.

In group 3, Geoff Salter made short work of Tom McFadden and Ros Beck with 3-0 wins and Tom won second place with yet another 3-0 win over Ros. Group 4 also saw two players coming to the last game undefeated;  Sinclair Houston and Pat Duffy both defeated Carol Mclean and Doug Seller to set up a decider; Sinclair was always in charge of it despite dropping the third game  15-13, his 11-7 win in the fourth sealing top place. Doug scraped home 3-2 against Carol for third place. Group 5 was won by Steven Crook after defeating Geoff Hunter 3-0 in the decider after both had beaten Masoud Nowbaveh.

In the preliminary matches, Peter Shaw had a steady 3-0 win over Tom McFadden but Pat Duffy was made to work harder before defeating Monte Bleasdale 3-1. Quarter-final 1 saw Peter play Roy Claxton and although he took the second game, Roy eased to a 3-1 win. Geoff Hunter and Sinclair Houston met in quarter-final 2; Sinclair led 2-0 but Geoff hit back to level it but in the fifth, Sinclair eased to an 11-4 win. Peter Aird’s hopes of a top two finish evaporated at the hands of Pat Duffy.  Pat lost the opening game 5-11 but turned the match round, winning the next three games 11-7, 11-6, 11-6.  Geoff Salter and Steven Crook contested the last quarterfinal; Geoff never seemed to be in any bother, winning in three games.

In the first semi, Sinclair and Roy met. It began as a re-run of Sinclair’s quarter-final; he led two nil in games then Roy hit back with 11-8, 11-5 wins to level the match. Yet again, Sinclair raced away in the decider, again winning it 11-4 for a place in the final. The other semi between Geoff and Pat was over very quickly with Geoff dominating from the very first point to record a 3-0 win. So, it was aSinclair Houston - 60+ National Champion Geoff/Sinclair final. Remember Geoff’s words at the beginning of the 60+ report!

Geoff started off strongly and took the opening game 11-7. This seemed to awaken Sinclair and he took the next two 11-9, 11-7. In the fourth game, the Geoff Salter fightback never really got going until late in the fourth game, but Sinclair held on. He seemed to have been leading 10- something for ages but eventually got the vital eleventh point to win 11-9 and give Geoff his first ever defeat in this age group National Championships in Scotland. Well done to Sinclair and also well done to Geoff for congratulating Sinclair on his win.

Sinclair Houston - 60+ National Champion 

Ricahrd Masterton - 70+ National ChampionThe 70+ event looked to have the usual outcome; Richard Masterson and Ian McLagan to contest the top places and Winnie Stein and Linda Powell to try to stop them. And so it turned out...... 

Neither lady could take a game from Richard or Ian. Linda just edged out Winnie 14-12 in the fourth for third place, and in the decider, Richard once again came top despite dropping the first game 11-6. Richard, 1, Ian2, Linda 3 and Winnie 4 was how it finished.

Richard Masterton - 70+ National Champion

The 75+ event was a group of 5. As in the 70+ group, it looked a contest between Bill Davidson and Doug Sinclair for top place. BillBill Davidson - 75+ National Champion began with defeats of Peter Howarth, 3-0, Barrie Hills, 3-1 and Bob Sterling, 3-0. 

Meanwhile Doug also defeated Peter 3-0, Bob, 3-2, (a 12-10 last gasp win for Doug) and a 3-1 win over Barrie. Barrie kept up his form of late with good wins over Peter and Bob for a third place finish. Bob struggled to find consistency and his only success was a 3-1 over Peter.

In the deciding game between Bill and Doug, Bill eased to a 2-0 lead with 11-8, 11-9 wins but in a dramatic third game, Doug won it 18-16. He just could not get a lead in the fourth game and Bill won it 11-8 to become National Champion, 2018.

Bill Davidson - 75+ National Champion

Open Singles
In the Open Singles, the first-round knock-out ties had the winners in the Open Singles and the losers in the Plate event; both were held in groups then the winners to knock out. A brief summary follows;

Group 1  Gerry Campbell, winner, Callum Gerrard, Monte Bleasdale

Group 2  Alan Whitton, winner, Bill Paterson, Paul Monteith

Group 3  David Tait, winner, Geoff Hunter, David Simpson

Group 4  Gordon Waddell, winner, Peter Aird, Steven Crook

Group 5  Dylan deSilva, winner, Colin Green, Keith Dingwall

Group 6  Roy Claxton, winner, Charlie Ellis, Abdul, Khalib

Group 7  John Kerr, winner after countback, Tam Lawlor, Neil Doherty

Group 8  Dariusz Szymczak, Gregor Ksiazek, Ian McHarg

Gerry Campbell - National Open Champion

Gerry beat Dariusz 6, 2, -9, 11    

Dylan beat David -7.-8, 8, 10, 7

Gordon beat John 4, 5, 5                              

Alan beat Roy 8, 4, 8

Gerry beat Dylan 7, 8, 7                

Alan beat Gordy 5. -5. 3, 8

Gerry beat Alan 2, 8, -9, 4 to retain his title - well done.

Gerry Campbell - Open National Champion

Plate Singles Event
Group 1  Harry Campbell.

Group 2  Richard Masterson, winner, Doug Seller, Catherine O’Neill.

Group 3  Jim Anderson, winner, Linda Powell.

Group 4  Robbie McIntosh, winner, Andrew Exton, Richard Lo.

Group 5  Bill Davidson, winner, Bob Sterling, Carol McLean

Group 6  Pat Duffy, winner, Paul Dowden, Barrie Hills

Group 7  Steve Collins, winner, Andy Keith, Tom McFadden.

Group 8  I. McLagan winner, Doug Sinclair, Masoud Nowbaveh

Steve beat Harry 4, 8, 8.                               

Robbie beat Ian 6, 6, 9

Jim beat Pat 7, -10, 6, 8                                 

Richard beat Bill 9, -6, 6, 9

Steve beat Robbie -7, 7, 9, -8, 4                                

Richard beat Jim 6, -7, 9, 6

Steve beat Richard, -7, 8, 11, -8, 9;   WELL DONE TO Steve for his first medal at our events.

Steve Collins – National Plate Winner  

Ladies’ Doubles
The ladies’ doubles event was contested by three pairings. Maureen Moran and Joy Daniels had a tough opener against Winnie Stein and Linda Powell dropping the second game, but they recovered to take the next two 11-5, 11-8 to win the tie. 

Winne and Linda fared worse against the Dundee pairing of Fiona Kinloch and Carol Mclean, losing 0-3. In the decider, it was really one way traffic, Maureen and Joy winning 3-0 to take the title with Fiona and Carol runners up.

Maureen Moran & Joy Daniels - Ladies’ Doubles Champions

Ladies’ Singles
This event was marred by withdrawals which was unfortunate. The losing players in them opening rounds were automatically enteredJoy Daniels - National Ladies' Vets Champion inthe Open Plate event.  Top seeded Joy began with a 3-0 win over Carol and Ros Beck triumphed over Catherine O’Neill who was returning from injury. Ros’s prize for her win was a meeting with Fiona which the Dundee/Tayport lady won 3-0. Maureen Moran began with a close 3-2 win over Linda Powell, coming from 0-2 to win 11-6 in the fifth. 

In the first semi, Joy did not let Fiona settle into her game and won 3-0 and Maureen did likewise against Winnie winning, 11-4, 11-5, 11-1. 

The final between Joy and Maureen was rather one-sided, Joy’s steady play ensuring an 11-7, 11-3, 11-3 win for the title.

Joy Daniels – Ladies’ Vets National Champion

So ended the season. Now a small break before Cardiff 2018 and next season. Thanks to all who have supported the SVTTA this season and in the words of a famous person; it’s good-bye from me…….

See you next October.

Chairman Ian

Ian - Chairman SVTTA