The first assessment of the season began with the largest entry in living memory, originally 70 then two call offs made it 68! There were many new players and some returning players - welcome to one and all.


This competition began with 5 groups of 4. Brian Wright won Group 1 after a 5 game win over Uwe Petermann and then two 3-0 wins over Gregor Kziazek and newcomer Aaron Robertson.  Uwe took second place with fine wins over both Gregor and Aaron with Gregor completing the group in third after a 3-0 victory over Aaron. Group 2 saw another newcomer, former Dundee Treasurer, Krzysztof Opila make his debut and won the group dropping only one game in the process. Simon Brown edged out Seb Wolejnio in five close games and Catherine O’Neil 3-0 for second and Seb taking third, also after beating Catherine 3-0. In group 3, Charlie Ellis hoped to follow the pattern of the top seeds progressing and so it proved; he dropped one game against Nick Thomas, and Ian McHarg and Andy Honeyman were both defeated in three games. Ian took second place, beating both Andy and Nick 3-0. Nick won the opening game against Andy, but Andy took the next three to finish the group in third place. David Tait, the top seed in group 4, also cruised into the next stage as group winner; only Keith Dingwall could win a game from him. Keith’s wins over Ikenna Asogwa, 3-2, and Fiona Kinloch, 3-0, gave him second spot with Ikenna beating Fiona in five games for third. To complete a 100% top seed winner, Dariusz Szymczak defeated all his rivals, Ross Martin, Vahid Ardani and Dave Routledge, all 3-0.  Indeed, all the matches in this group ended 3-0, with the winner winning comfortably; Ross finished second, Vahid, third and Dave, fourth.

With all five top seeds safely through, the second stage looked to be a tight competition; unfortunately, Dariusz just could not get to grips with the other four and lost all his games.  The other matches were very close with no one remaining unbeaten. Top seeded Brian followed his win over Dariusz with a 3-1 defeat of David, but both Charlie and Krzysztof beat him 3-1. David also lost 3-1, with all the games decided by two points, to Krzysztof and that virtually put him out of the top two places. Charlie had a good 3-1 win over Brian to remain unbeaten, but David regained some form to beat him 3-1. That meant that the deciding game was the fourth one played when Charlie beat Krzysztof 3-1 to give Charlie top spot with Krzysztof, second. Brian’s win over David gave him third, followed by David and Dariusz.

PLACES 1-5: Charlie, Krzysztof, Brian, David, Dariusz

The competition for places 6-10 saw Ross Martin defeat all those in his group; Ian Mcharg showed good form by taking seventh with Keith Dingwall one place lower. Uwe Petermann’s win over Simon Brown gave him ninth spot.

PLACES 6-10: Ross, Ian, Keith, Uwe, Simon

Places 11 and 12 were easy to sort out; Gregor beat all the others and Seb just lost the one to Gregor for place 12. Andy, Ikenna and Vahid contrived to beat each other! Each player won and lost a match 3-1 and so it went to points with Vahid edging 13th place closely followed by Andy and then Ikenna.

PLACES 11-15: Gregor, Seb, Vahid, Andy, Ikenna

In group 9, the fourths in the groups met and it was Fiona who topped it with four good wins. Dave nearly defeated her but with one defeat, he ended in 17th place. Catherine completed her day with two wins and two defeats in this group r to finish 17th and Dave edged home against Aaron for a 19th place finish.

PLACES 16-20: Fiona, Dave, Catherine, Nick, Aaron.


Group 1 had top seed Alan Whitton up against Robbie McIntosh and Joy Daniels. He defeated them both dropping a game against Joy. Robbie also defeated Joy 3-0 for second place. Colin Green’s opponents in group 2 were Andy McIntyre and Paul Dowden and he defeated them both 3-0. Andy dropped a game against Paul and took second place. Tom Lawlor had Andrew Exton and John Anderson to contend with and overcame them both although he dropped a game against John. Andrew and John had a very close 5 game match which Andrew overturned a 2-1 deficit to win 11-7 in games 4 and 5. Paul Monteith had a group of four and he too came through unbeaten, winning every match 3-0. David Melrose defeated both Brian Irvine and Graham Sinclair for runner up place and Brian took third with a 3-0 win over Graham. The last of the top seeds, William Paterson lost out to David Simpson with both players defeating Howard Lee.

The group for places 1-5 opened with David losing 3-1 to Colin and then Paul defeating Tom 3-0. Top seed Alan then lost to David 3-0, Tom then defeated Colin in a great match 15-13 in the fifth game. Alan then gave himself a chance for top place in a 3-1 defeat of Paul, despite dropping the first end 15-13. Next game saw David edge out Tom in four. Game 7 saw one of the best come-backs of the day. Paul took the first two ends from Colin 4 and 8 only for Colin to hit back and take the next three 8, 7 and 8.  The next game saw a similar come-back; Alan led Tom 2-0 only for Tom to level the match but in the fifth end, Alan held on to win it 11-6.Game nine was another cracker; old friends and rivals, Paul and David, each won two games, one easily the other very close, and in the last game, David saved three match points to steal it 12-10 in the fifth. That meant that the last game was the decider but not just for the two playing it; if Alan won, David would be the group winner, and if Colin won, he would win the group!! Colin led 2-0 only for Alan to hit back to level the match but Colin edged home 11-9 in the fifth to win.

PLACES 1-5:  Colin, David, Alan, Paul, Tom.

The group for places 6-10 was just as close. Bill Paterson defeated the others to take 6th place and David Melrose took 7th after just losing to Bill. Robbie, Andrew and Andy all beat each other, and it went to count-back; Andy McIntyre’s 3-0 win over Robbie proved vital and that gave him 8th just ahead of Andrew Exton and Robbie.

PLACES 6-10: Bill, David, Andy, Andrew and Robbie.

The competition for places 11-13 was also close.  John Anderson celebrated his first assessment by winning the group and Joy Daniels took 12th place, losing to John 3-1.  Brian Irvine rallied to finish one place lower just ahead of Howard Lee and Paul Dowden with the unlucky Graham Sinclair in 16th place.

PLACES 11-16: John, Joy, Brian, Howard, Paul, Graham.


This competition was perhaps the easiest to organise; five groups of four followed by four groups of five. So, on to the action. Group 1 saw top seed Roy Claxton win it dropping only one game to John Kerr, the only match that did not end in 3-0, and both players defeated Monty Bleasdale and Ros Beck.  Monty’s 3-0 win over Ros gave him third place. In group 2, Carol Mclean gave both the top seed, Peter Aird, and Peter Shaw a fright; both Peters defeated her in the fifth game in matches that Carol could have won.  Jim Anderson however had better luck and defeated her in 4 games.  Jim also defeated Peter Shaw 11-7 in the fifth to clinch second place with the unbeaten Peter Aird beating the other Peter in the last game 3-1 to clinch first place. In group 3, Sinclair Houston held on to take first place with three 3-0 wins including some close score lines.  Pat Duffy also recorded 3-0 wins over Sue Adamson and Abdul Khalid and Abdul edged out Sue for third place.  In group 4, Callum Gerrard, the top seed, also hoped to proceed as a group winner and he and Charlie Brown both had wins over Tom Haldane and Alex Hughes. Tom defeated Alex 3-1 for third place. In the last game, it was Charlie who came through in three games, 11-9, 11-8, 11-7. Steven Crook, then last of the top seeds, emerged as group winner dropping only the one game to Geoff Hunter in the deciding match as both had defeated Doug Seller and Masoud Nowbaveh. Masoud recorded a 3-0 win over Doug to finish the group in third place.

In the group to decide the top places, it was Roy who emerged unbeaten, dropping only one game to Sinclair. Peter Aird began with a 3-0 win over Steven but that proved to be his only success. Charlie too only won the one match; and that was against Peter 3-1. So, places 4 and 5 were decided. It was between Sinclair and Steven for that honour and their deciding game went to Steven, 11-9 in the fifth game of a very exciting and close match which Steven led 1-0, then trailed 1-2.

PLACES 1-5: Roy, Steven, Sinclair, Charlie, Peter.

Geoff Hunter showed some great form remaining undefeated in the group for places 6-10. His last match was against the also unbeaten Callum Gerrard, and it was Callum who took the first two games 7 and 10 only for Geoff to hit back eventually winning the fifth game 11-8. Pat Duffy had good wins over John Kerr and Jim Anderson with John defeating Jim for 9th place.

PLACES 6-10: Geoff, Callum, Pat, John and Jim.

The group for places 11-15 turned out to be very close indeed. Masoud was the unlucky player here as he just could not into a winning opposition despite some close scores. Abdul and Tom both finished with two wins; both had narrowly beaten Masoud, and Abdul edged out Tom 3-1. Tom’s other win was over Monty, 11-5 in the fifth. Peter Shaw and Monty won three game each but Monty’s 3-1 win over Peter in the last match gave him 11th place.

PLACES 11-15: Monty, Peter Shaw, Abdul, Tom and Masoud.

After her heroics in the opening group stages, Carol seemed to have spent all her energies and recorded only the one win against Ros Beck. It was newcomer Alex Hughes who won this group with four excellent wins. Doug Seller at last found form and with wins over Carol, Sue and Ros was runner up here. Sue clinched third place in the group with a 3-0 over Carol.

PLACES 16-20: Alex, Doug, Sue, Carol, and Ros.


This age group welcomed Tommy McFadden to their midst. Could he be the one to take a top two place from Richard and Ian? Richard’s first game was against…Tommy!  Tommy won the first and third games, but Richard levelled the match at 2-2 and then edged home 11-8 in the fifth. Ian’s campaign started rather quietly with wins over Winnie, Linda and Peter Klemm before his match with Tommy. Tommy led the final game 10-6 but somehow Herr Chairman managed to win the next six points for an unlikely win. Richard coasted home in the deciding match 3-1 to win the group. Both Tommy and Richard also beat Winnie, Linda and Peter, so in then scrap for places 4-6, it was Peter who came out on top with two 3-0 wins and Linda’s 3-0 win over Winnie gave her 5th place.

PLACES 1-6: Richard, Ian, Tommy, Peter, Linda, Winnie.


This competition had an inevitable look about it; could Doug Sinclair beat Bill Davidson for the top place? Doug started with a bang; he defeated Jim Fleming 3-0, repeated the score against Peter Howarth and dropped a game in his 3-1 defeat of Barrie Hills.  Bill also defeated the same three by the same scores, so the last match would be the decider…AGAIN!  Bill took the first game 11-4 but Doug wakened up and levelled the match with an 11-7 score-line.  However, his joy was short-lived, and Bill took the next two 11-7, 11-8 to win the group. Peter did hit form as he defeated both Barrie and Jim. Barrie’s only success was a 3-0 win over Jim.

PLACES 1-5:  Bill, Douglas, Peter, Barrie and Jim.

So ended a long day of assessment play with congrats to all the winners of the different age categories and well done to all who competed in such a sporting manner. I hope all the newcomers will return for more “relaxation” to the next events and we all look forward to seeing you in November if possible.

Talking of newcomers, Alex Hughes, Graham Sinclair, John Anderson, Aaron Robertson, Ikenna Asogua, Seb Wolejnio, Krzysztof Opila - I hope you enjoyed your day and if I have missed anyone out, my apologies.