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Yet another large entry! So, let’s get on with it.


With an entry of 13, top seed Brian Wright wasted no time in winning group 1, defeating both Steve Collins and Vahid Ardani 3-0.  Vahid also had a 3-0 win over Steve for second place. Dariusz Szymczak won group 2, dropping a game to Gregor Ksiazek and defeating Lance Stockdale 3-1. Gregor and Lance had a very close game to decide the second placed player, Gregor winning 20-18 in the fourth. Group three saw Charlie Ellis and Dylan deSilva drawn in the same four-player group. Both recorded 3-0 wins over Simon Brown and newcomer Nick Thomas. Simon also defeated Nick by the same score line for third place. In the decider, Dylan took the first game 11-8 only for Charlie to level with an 11-6 win. Dylan stepped up the pace and took the next two 11-8, 11-4 to secure first place. Group four saw Keith Dingwall and Ian McHarg defeat Brian Irvine 3-0 and the decider was an interesting five game match. Ian took the first and third games 11-6, 13-11, but Keith levelled with an 11-3 fourth game and strolled through the fifth 11-5 for top place.

In stage two, Brian, Dariusz, Dylan and Keith contested the group for places 1-4. Brian had a close three games against Keith, winning 12-10, 12-10, 11-9 and an equally close game against Dylan, 12-10, 12-10, 13-11. In the last game of the group, he had a relatively easier win against Dariusz, 6, 2, 4 to take first place. Dylan had a close 3-1 win over Dariusz then an even closer win over Keith after leading 2-0 only for Keith to level it with 11-6, 11-8 wins in the third and fourth games. Dylan held on in the fifth to win 11-7. Third spot went to Keith after he too defeated Dariusz 11-7, 11-4, 11-8. So the final order was Brian, Dylan, Keith and Dariusz, with all four still in the hunt for a place in the 40+ men’s team for Cardiff.

Charlie’s hopes for a place in the team meant he had to finish top of the runners-up group. He dropped the second game to Vahid but recovered to win 3-1 and then defeated both Gregor and Ian 3-0 to finish in fifth place. Gregor then defeated Ian, 11-5 in the fifth, and Vahid 3-0 for a sixth-place finish. Ian edged out Vahid in three to finish in seventh with Vahid completing the top eight places. Charlie, Gregor, Ian and Vahid finished in places 5-8.

The group for places 9-13 comprised of the four third-place finishers and the one fourth place finisher. Lance started off with a bang, defeating Nick 3-0 and then Simon 3-1. His match against Brian went to the fifth end Lance winning it 12-10. However, he lost out on a perfect 4 wins out of 4 when leading Steve 2-1 and a couple of match points in the fourth which he lost 15-13, Steve hit back to take the final end 11-6. Simon also ended up with three wins, Brian, Nick from the previous group, and Steve, giving Lance the top place in the group by virtue of his win over Simon. Brian too had a win over Steve and pipped him for third place with Steve finishing fourth with a win over Nick despite dropping the opening game. Places 9-16 were Lance, Simon, Brian, Steve and Nick.

40+ Doubles

This was won by Tam Lawlor and Gregor Ksiasek who defeated Charlie Ellis and Keith Dingwall   11-8, 6-11, 11-8, 5-11, 11-8.


Top seed Gordon Waddell opened with three 3-0 wins in group 1.  Callum Gerrard nearly won a game but lost 12-10 in the third.  Andy Keith and Richard Lo had no answer to Gordy’s all-round play. In the first game in the group, Callum and Andy contested a close 5 game match. Coming from 0-1 down Callum took games two and three 12-10 and 11-8 but Andy levelled the match with a 15-13 win.  In the decider, Callum just edged home 11-9. Callum and Andy also defeated Richard 3-0 giving Andy second place with Callum third also defeating Richard 3-0.

Gerry Campbell breezed into top place in group 2, Neil Doherty, Robbie McIntosh and Derek Paterson all unable to win a game from him. Neil took second place with a 3-1 win over Robbie and Robbie took third after he also defeated Derek 3-0. 

Alan Whitton also looked to have an easy passage into the group of winners, Maureen Moran, David Simpson, and Joy Daniels all falling 3-0 to him.  David continued to show improvement in our assessments when he took second place; Maureen nearly defeated him though.  She took the first two games 11-6, 11-7 and then David hit back with 12-10, 11-9 and 11-6 wins.  A 3-0 win over Joy ensured second place.  After her battle against David, Maureen met Joy and despite taking the second game, lost in four.

Group four was the closest group of the lot. Unfortunate Harry Campbell just could not win an end against Tam Lawlor, Bill Paterson or Martin McKay. Tam, Bill and Martin then managed to beat each other, each winning two games! Tam won his first game 3-0 against Bill and after defeating Harry, crashed to a 2-3 defeat by Martin, a game Martin had to win after losing to Bill 1-3. In the countback, Tam just took top place, with Bill second and Martin, third.

Group five had five players with Colin Green and Paul Monteith looking to be the main rivals for top place. And so it proved; both defeating Andrew Exton, Paul Dowden and Dave Fletcher without too much trouble.  The decider was rather a non-event with Colin breezing home, 11-7, 11-9, 11-6. Paul clinched third place after wins over Dave and Andrew and Andrew took fourth after Dave’s withdrawal.

So Gerry, Gordon, Alan, Tam and Colin were competing for first place. Gerry started well, defeating Colin 3-0, Alan then beating Tam by the same score.  Game three proved to be a very close match; Colin took the opener 11-6 against Gordon, who then fought back to level and Colin regained the lead in the third. Two narrow wins from Gordon including saving match points gave Gordon a winning start. Gerry then dispatched Alan 3-0 and Gordon kept up his unbeaten start with a 3-0 win over Tam. Colin’s 0-3 loss in the next game to Gerry meant he could not be in the top three but a consolation 3-1 win over Tam gave him fourth place. The big match in the group was the one for second place, Gordon v Alan. The number one seed had a 2-1 lead, but Alan hit back with a 12-10 win to level the match.  Alan then ran away with the fifth which, along with Gordon's 15-13 fifth game loss to Gerry gave Alan second place to the unbeaten Gerry. Final places were Gerry, Alan, Gordon, Colin and Tam. Looks like these five will battle it out for the team places for Cardiff!  Roll on the National Champs.

David Simpson came through a tough group undefeated but survived some narrow escapes. A 12-10 fifth game win over Bill Paterson was one of them but good wins over Paul Monteith, Neil Doherty and Andy Keith gave him sixth place. Bill took seventh, just losing to David with Paul one place lower and slightly disappointed at not finishing higher. Neil perhaps too thought of a possible higher finish and his only win over Andy gave him a ninth-place finish.

Callum Gerrard at last got some consistency after defeating Joy Daniels, Robbie McIntosh and Paul Dowden dropping only the one game. These three also enjoyed beating each other and tied on one win each; after countback, it was Robbie, Joy and Paul in that order.

There was a very intriguing group for places 16-20. Richard Lo recorded his only win of the day at the expense of Harry Campbell for places 19 and 20. Derek Paterson, Maureen Moran and Andrew Exton were embroiled in yet another episode of players beating each other. Derek and Maureen played the final game with a Derek looking for a win to stay in contention and Maureen needing the win to be the outright group winner. Four of the five games ended 11-8 and the last 11-8 game was won by Derek with the luckiest net and edge imaginable!  Unfortunately for him, Maureen won the group on countback and Andrew’s win over Derek just was not enough to take second place. So, it ended with Maureen, Derek Andrew, Richard and Harry in places 16-20.

50+ Doubles

Gerry and Gordon beat Alan Whitton and Brian Wright 8-11, 11-6, 11-7, 11-3.


Top seed Peter Aird began his campaign with a 3-0 win over Masoud Nowbaveh as did his main rival Geoff Hunter over Peter Shaw. But in match three of this group, Peter Shaw edged out Peter Aird in four close games and then Geoff also defeated Moussa by a similar score line. Peter Shaw completed this group with a win over Masoud and in the decider which Peter Aird had to win, Geoff held out for a 3-1 win to top the group. The two Peters finished second and third, Shaw then Aird, with Masoud in fourth.

Roy Claxton easily won group two by winning his three matches and dropping only one end to Tom McFadden. Pat Duffy kept up his good run of results of late, edging out both Tom and Carol McLean 3-0. Carol and Tom met for third place with Carol winning 12-10 in the fifth.

Group three saw Geoff Salter and Steven Crook remaining undefeated after wins over John Kerr and Doug Seller. The match between them resulted in a 3-0 win for Geoff. John took third place after a tight 3-1 win over Doug.

Group four only had three players; Monte Bleasdale started with a 3-0 win over Jim Anderson and then Monte surprised Charlie Brown by winning 3-1 and topping the group.  Charlie’s 3-1 win over Jim gave him second place.

The big question in the group of group winners was, could anyone stop Geoff Salter? First to try was Roy Claxton; Roy took the first game, but Geoff hit back with 11-9, 11-5 wins only for Roy to level after an 11-4 win but Geoff pulled away in the deciding game to win 11-5. Next to try was the other Geoff, Hunter, but he fared worse losing in three ends. Last up was Monte but he too succumbed to a 0-3 loss giving Geoff Salter first place and 600 precious points. In the chase for second place, Roy and Geoff Hunter had a classic five game match. Geoff took the opener 11-6 only for Roy to level with an 11-7 scoreline.   Geoff regained the lead by winning the third 11-9 only fir Roy to level in a very close 13-11 game only for Geoff to win the decider 11-8. So, the top four finished as follows; Geoff Salter, Geoff Hunter, Roy and then Monte.

The group of seconds, Peter Shaw, Pat Duffy, Steven Crook and Charlie Brown saw no clear winner in matches. Pat Duffy won two later games against Charlie and Peter after losing out to Steven. Peter in turn saw off Charlie and Steven to make it a tie with Pat at the top of the group with Pat’s win over Peter giving him top place in the group with Peter slotting into sixth spot. Charlie took seventh place with a 3-2 win over Steven, winning games 1, 3 and 5.  The group finished Pat, Peter, Charlie and Steven for places 5-8.

Peter Aird, disappointed at not finishing higher in his opening group, got three wins under his belt, Carol McLean Jim Anderson and John Kerr all at the wrong end of 3-0 scores. John and Jim both recorded wins over Carol, who finished in 12th place, and John’s 3-1 win over doubles partner John gave him 10th spot.  The group finished Pater, John, Jim and Carol for places 9-12.

Masoud Nowbaveh, Tom McFadden and Doug Seller contested the group for places 13-15. It was Doug who triumphed, beating Masoud 3-1 and Tom, 3-1, 15-13 in the fourth. Tom edged out Masoud in three to take 14th place.

60+ Doubles

Peter Shaw and Charlie Brown came through their group as did Jim Anderson and John Kerr.  In the final, John and Jim easily eased through to a 3-0 win.


This group had a familiar look to it; could Winnie Stein, Peter Klemm or Linda Powell defeat the top two of Richard Masterson and Ian McLagan? Linda took the opening game from Ian but lost the next three; that was the only game that Richard or Ian dropped to the other three. So, the main competition was surely for places 3-5. Linda scraped home in four against Winnie and edged out Peter in three for third place.   The match between Peter and Winnie went to the fifth end. Winnie had a 2-1 lead and chances in the last game to win it but Peter came back into the match to win the next two games 11-6, 11-9.  In the decider, Richard won in three close games 11-9, 13-11, 13-11; in the last game, Richard actually led 10-4 at one point!

70+ Doubles

This was played in a round robin format; in the opener, Winnie and Linda defeated Bill Davidson and Doug Sinclair, their only win of the event. The ladies lost to Ian and Carol, so the last game of the event was the decider between unbeaten Ian and Carol and Bill and Doug; Bill and Doug won it 3-1 and so took the title from Ian and Carol.


This was held in a round robin format.  As usual, the question was, can anyone stop Bill Davidson? In short, NO. Bill dropped his opening game against Barrie Hills but took the next three. Jim Fleming was next up for him and a 3-0 win for Bill kept him on top of the group. He again dropped the opening game in his next match, Bob Sterling taking it 16-14, but again, he took the next three. Peter Howarth was his next victim, with yet another 3-0 win. That as 4 out of 4 with only Douglas Sinclair left for the final game.

Second seed, Doug, started with a 3-0 win over Jim but against Bob, he was always struggling; Despite taking the first game 11-8, he lost the next two but levelled the match in the fourth game. In the decider Bob had a stormer, winning 11-2! A 3-0 win over Peter kept him in touch with Bill and in his penultimate match, he scraped a 3-1 win over Barrie to keep in with a chance of topping the group if he cold defeat Bill. However, it did not happen; as so often happens in a five-game match, the winner wins games 1, 3 and 5; this is exactly what Bill did, 11-8 in the fifth. Despite Bob losing to Peter, he emerged as runner up as a result of defeating Doug. Barrie took fourth place ahead of Peter and Jim once again just could not get a win after several near things. The group finished as follows: Bill, Bob, Doug, Barrie, Peter, Jim; with as reported earlier, Bill and Doug wining the 70+ doubles; some small consolation for Doug.

Now to the National Championships; some players have earned enough points for selection for Cardiff, 2018; Richard and Ian in the 70+ and Bill and Doug in the 75+.   Emails and phone calls have been sent to the top points holders in all age groups to ask if they are available for selection as it would be an advantage to select the teams as soon after the National Champs as possible; even during it if the Committee can have time for a meeting.

Now that the AGM is past, I would like to thank Peter Howard for his input to the committee as he has decided not to seek re-election. Sinclair Houston has been elected in his place, and we welcome him to this post.


ASSESSMENT 3 – 21 January 2018

Before play began, all paid tribute to Drew McLaren who had died so suddenly and tragically after the last assessment.

Due to the weather, it was decided to start with the age group events and leave the doubles until later, again weather permitting.


So, to the action, starting with our most senior age category: Bill Davidson and Doug Sinclair looked to be the two main rivals for first and second; but it wasn’t to be. Both started with a win, Bill beating Jim Fleming 3-0, and Doug had a slightly more difficult win over Bob Sterling in 4. Bill and Doug then had another win each, Bill defeating Peter Howarth 3-1 and Doug, Jim also 3-0. Then things went from bad to worse for Doug; losses to Barrie Hills, 0-3, Peter Howarth, 2-3, and the last match of the event, to Bill also in the fifth end after coming back from a 0-2 deficit.  Bill had no such difficulties, remaining undefeated to take the top place. Barrie Hills continued his come-back and by defeating Peter, he took second place, with Peter finishing one place lower. Doug’s win over Bob in his opening match saw him finish in fourth ahead of Bob, with the unfortunate Jim, who just could not get a win despite a close match with Peter, finishing in sixth. Doug, Barrie, Peter, Doug, Bob and Jim were how they finished.


Richard Masterton

This group only had the three players, Richard Masterson, Ian McLagan and Winnie Stein. Both Richard and Ian had 3-0 winsover Winnie and inn the decider, Richard just edged it in five close games. Looks as though both gents have booked their place for Cardiff!!!



In this competition, top seed Peter Aird defeated both Tom Haldane and John Kerr 3-0 to win the

 group; the other match saw Tom lead John 2-0 only for John to take the next three 9, 7, 8. Second seed Sinclair Houston and Pat Duffy both eased to wins over Ros Beck and newcomer Masoud Nowbaveh, but the deciding game between them saw Pat win in three. Masoud defeated Ros also in three for third place. Third seed, Roy Claxton breezed past Jim Anderson, Doug Seller and Sue Adamson without dropping a game. Jim edged out Doug 3-1 and Sue, 3-0 for second and in a tight five game match, Sue just scraped home 12-10 in the last game. Geoff Salter, making his first appearance this season, had fourth seed Charlie Brown, Tom McFadden and Peter Shaw in his group.  After a very tight 14-12, 12-10, 11-8 win over Charlie, he won the group with more comfortable 3-0 wins over Tom and Peter. Charlie took second place with a 3-0 win over Tom and a very close victory over Peter, having been 1-2 down. Peter recorded a 3-0 win over Tom for third place in the group.

That gave group for places 1-4 of Peter Aird, Pat Duffy, Roy Claxton and Geoff Salter.  Roy edged out Pat in four and then Geoff was taken to five ends against Peter, winning 11-5 in the last game. Geoff recorded an even closer win against Pat, again the last game was an 11-6 win for Geoff, and Roy, who was also unbeaten, faced Geoff in the decider which Geoff won 3-0, This gave the finishing positions as Geoff, Roy, Peter Aird and Pat.

John Kerr, Jim Anderson, Sinclair Houston and Charlie Brown then competed for places 5-8. This turned out to be complicated one to work out as two players won two games and the other two won one!!  John was the one to come out on top after wins over Jim and Sinclair, the unlucky “loser” being Jim who defeated Sinclair and Charlie!!! Sinclair took seventh place by edging out Charlie 3-1. So places 5-8 were John, Jim, Sinclair and Charlie.

Tom Haldane marked his return by taking ninth place after a similar situation as places 5-8 happened again!! Wins over Peter Shaw and Mousa Nowbaveh saw him home. Peter took tenth by defeating Sue Adamson and Mousa and Sue finished in eleventh by defeating Mousa 3-0. Finishing places 9-12 were Tom, Peter, Sue and Mousa.

Tom McFadden finished his competition in 13th place with a 3-0 win over Ros Beck and a 3-1 win over Doug Seller. Doug completed his day by defeating Ros in four, despite Ros taking the third game 11-1!!!  So, it finished Tom, Doug and Ros in places 13-15.


Top seed, Gordon Waddell started with a bang!!  Bill Paterson, Brian Irvine, Joy Daniels and Colin Green all were defeated 3-0!! Colin took his chance to finish second by defeating the other three; Bill the only one to take an end from Colin. Bill finished third, Joy giving him a close match which he won 11-8 in the fifth. Joy edged out Brian for fourth place in this group.

 Second seed, Tam Lawlor had an eventful group stage; he won all his games but had close games against Andrew Exton, winning 11-3 in the fifth, and Neil Doherty, winning four ends. Neil clinched second with wins over Andrew, Paul Dowden and newcomer Richard Lo. Paul finished in third place, defeating Richard 3-0 and Andrew 3-2, 11-9 in the fifth game. Andrew had a comfortable 3-0 win over Richard for a fourth-place finish in the group.

Group 3 saw Alan Whitton come through undefeated dropping only one game to Callum Gerrard.  Callum ensured second place with a 3-2 win over Martin McKay, 11-8 in the final game, and Robbie McIntosh, 3-1. Martin just defeated Robbie 3-1 to complete the group in third spot.

Group 4 saw Gerry Campbell return to the fray. Paul, Monteith, David Simpson, Harry Campbell and Andy Keith all had the same result against him; 0-3!!!  David took second place dropping only the one game, to Paul, in his three wins. Paul’s defeat of Harry and Andy saw him third with Andy recording a 3-0 win over Harry for fourth. David’s win over Paul was the only game in this group not decided by a 3-0 score line!!

So, could Gordon, Alan or Tam stop Gerry???  Gordon and Tam both fell 0-3, but Alan won the first game against him 11-6 but that was as good as it got, Gerry taking the next three for top place. Gordon also defeated Tam and Alan, both 3-0 for second place and Alan’s 3-0 win over Tam saw him end in third.

Colin Green played very well and finished in fifth spot with 3-0 wins over Neil Doherty, Callum Gerrard and David Simpson. David also kept up his good form and wins over Neil and Callum gave him sixth place, Callum ensuring a seventh position with a 3-2 win over Neil after coming from 1-2 down with 11-9, 11-7 wins in the last two games.

Paul Monteith had a great 3-2 win over Bill Paterson, 12-10 in the fifth, and a win over Paul Dowden gave him ninth place. Bill had a top ten finish with Paul one place lower. Martin McKay had to withdraw due to injury (old age??)

The group for places 13-16 was yet another close one. Andy Keith had three good wins; 3-4521 against Joy Daniels, 3-0 against Andrew Exton and 3-2 against Robbie McIntosh after coming back from 1-2 down.  With Andrew beating Robbie 3-1, Robbie beating Joy 3-1 and Joy beating Andrew 3-0 countback determined places 14-16; Joy, Robbie and Andrew being the final order.

Brian Irvine secured 17th with 3-0 wins over Harry Campbell and Richard Lo, and Richard’s 3-0 win over Harry gave him 18th place.


Now to the young ones!!! In group 1, Brian Wright came through unbeaten, beating Ian McHarg 3-2 and Lance Stockdale 11-5 in the fifth.  Ian then defeated Lance 3-1 for second place. Dariusz Szymczak also came through unbeaten in group 2. Simon Brown, another first-time entrant to our competitions, gave him a close game, Dariusz letting a 2-0 lead in games disappear but taking the last game 11-6. Simon kept up his good form, Uwe Petermann and Steve Collins failing to beat him and Uwe took third place with a 3-1 win over Steve.

Keith Dingwall won group three without too much bother with Vahid Ardan, yet another new face, taking second place with a 3-2 win over Fiona Kinloch after being 1-2 down. Group 4 heralded the return of Derek Lundie, who recorded a good win over Grigor Ksiazek, but lost out in an epic five game match against Charlie Ellis, 8-11 in the last game after leading 2 games to 1.  Charlie secured top spot with a 3-0 victory over Grigor.

Charlie EllisThe group of winners, Brian, Dariusz, Keith and Charlie, then competed for the top four places. In the first game, Keith and Dariusz had a very close match with Dariusz just scraping a win in the last game, 13-11.  Game two saw Charlie recover from 0-2 to take the next three games, 7, 5,6 to record a good win. Brian’s next game was against Keith, a game in which Keith was dominant and took it 3-1. Charlie then tackled Dariusz and won won three games, 9, 9, 8. If Charlie could beat Keith in the next game, he would be the unbeaten winner of the group; Keith won the first and third games but Charlie hit back and took games 2, 4 and 5 to take the top place. Now it became interesting; Dariusz had to win it to take second place; any other result would mean a three-way tie and count-back would, decide the remaining places. Brian took the first 11-6, dariusz the second 11-7, then Brian the third 11-9, dariusz the fourth 11-1, and in a nail-biting fifth game, Brian just scraped home 13-11. Unfortunately, count-back decided places 2-4; Keith ended up second, then dariusz and fourth was Brian.

Could Derek Lundie finish in fifth place??  Ian McHarg answered that question when he came from 1-2 down to win the next three games, and with both defeating Simon and Vahid, it was Ian who finished fifth and Derek, sixth.  Simon recorded a 3-0 win over Vahid to take seventh place. 

The group to decide places 9-13 was not as complicated as others to determine the final placings.  Uwe Petermann was a clear winner, defeating all other rivals. Lance Stockdale, rather unlucky not to be in a group to contest higher places, only lost to Uwe and finished in a creditable 10th place. Grigor Ksiazek’s record of won two, lost two, gave him 11th place ahead of Steve Collins and Fiona Kinloch, with Steve edging out Fiona in 4 ends with Fiona unlucky not to win it.

With the weather not too good, the difficult decision to stop the competitions after the conclusion of the age groups was taken so that all players could at least start their homewards journey in daylight. No decision has been made when to hold the doubles events that were not played.  The trophies for the completed events will be presented at the commencement of Assessment Four, entry forms which should now be in your possession.

The AGM will take place after the age group singles assessments and before the age group doubles. Various reports will be available at the AGM and hopefully will also be available on-line.


ASSESSMENT 2 – November 2017


There were nine entries for this event, and it was played in a group of nine, like a proper assessment where every competitor played everyone else. Brian Wright had a few close games; he defeated Ross Martin, Uwe Petermann, and Dariusz Szymzac al after five ends, Lance Stockdale, Grigor Ksiazek and Keith Dingwall in four and Ian McHarg and Steve Collins in three.  This gave him top spot. Dariusz, who narrowly lost to Brian, also edged out the other seven players to grab the runner-up position. Ross and Grigor both won five matches but Grigor’s 11-7 final game win over Ross saw him finish in third. Keith won 4 and lost four to take fifth place. Uwe slipped into sixth place, followed by Lance who recorded a couple of wins leaving Ian and Steve in the last two places.


For the first stage, all the top players made it through the opening round of singles.

With Gerry Campbell being an absentee, the question was; who is going to benefit from his absence??  The answer? Allan Whitton. After defeating Neil Doherty, he lost 3-0 to Tam Lawlor, but retuned to winning ways with defeats of Gordon Waddell, KennyMclean, Martin McKay, Paul, Monteith and Dave Simpson. Tam then after his second match, had a great chance of winning the event but lost to both Paul and Martin to let Alan to take first place. Gordon also won five games but his loss to Tam put him in third. Paul had a good finish with other wins over Martin, Kenny and Neil to take fourth place. Kenny’s three wins gave him fifth place followed by Martin’s sixth place.  Dave Simpson who defeated Paul, ended the day in seventh with Neil completing the top eight line-up.   

In the competition for places 9-15, Andy McIntyre was the clear winner defeating 
all rivals; he dropped only three games, one each to Brian Irvine, Andy Keith and Paul Dowden. Brian lost only the one match to complete the day in tenth place. Three players, Robbie McIntosh, Paul and Keith, each won three and lost three and on countback, Paul took 11th place, followed by Robbie and Andy. Andrew Exton won only the one game and that was against new-comer Harry Campbell; we all hope Harry returns to the next assessment and takes revenge against some of these players!!!


This event started with a couple of surprise results; Jim Anderson easily defeated Pat Duffy in four ends and Monte Bleasdale had a narrow 3-2 win over Peter Shaw.  Top seeded Sinclair Houston got off to the worst possible start, Roy Claxton defeating him 3-1. Unfortunately, later defeats at the hands of Peter Aird and Steven Crook saw him slip to foutrth place. Roy took full advantage of his opening win and remained unbeaten in this group to take first place.  Peter looked to have second place at his merc y but a defeat by Geoff Hunter opened up the competition for second place. Wins over Charlie Brown, Monte, Jim and Steven made sure he was runner up in the group. Sinclair, Steven and Charlie all finished with four wins, and after countback, it finished Steven, Sinclair and Charlie.   Geoff’s three wins gave him sixth place, with Monte and Jim completing the top eight places.

In the group for places 9-16, it looked as though at first the top places would be contested between Pat Duffy and Peter Shaw.  Pat took the top place with seven wins out of seven with Peter one place behind, after losing to Pat and also to Tom McFadden. Tom was pipped for 11th place after John Kerr came back from 1-2 down to win 11-9 in the fifth. Spenser Ormsby also recorded four wins but Mr Countback was not kind to him!! Doug Seller won his first match of the day; a 3-41 win over Tom to take 14th place, on ahead of George Risk with Abdul Khalib completing the finishing positions.

This age group was depleted because Winnie and Linda played in the Ladies events; more about this later. Peter Klemm just could not get going against Richard Masterson, Ray Howe and Ian McLagan. It was the matches between the last three that decided top three places; just like the last assessment!! Richard defeated Ian 3-1, Ian defeated Ray 3-0, and Richard was leading Ray 2-0 in the deciding game when it all went wrong for him with Ray clawing back to 2-2 and then taking the deciding fifth end. On countback, it finished Ian, Richard, Ray and then Peter.


It was great to see Barrie Hills back in top action surprising Peter Howarth, Bob Sterling and Jim Fleming to put three wins under his belt; unfortunately for him, Doug Sinclair and Bill Davidson got the better of him. Peter and Bob both defeated Jim to put Jim in 6th place and in their decider, Peter took it 3-1. In the group-topping decider between Bill and Doug, Bill took the opening game, but Doug took the next three, 11-6, 11-8, 11-8 to win the event. 

Ladies Assessment

The ladies were asked if they wanted their own event and they agreed to try it and see if it would be successful.  Joy Daniels, Maureen Moran, Fiona Kinloch, Carol McLean, Linda Powell, Ros Beck and Winnie Stein lined up for the singles round robin. Joy proved to be far too steady for the other ladies despite a very close opening game against Carol, and she comfortably won the event. Second seeded Maureen lost to Joy and surprisingly lost to Winne to put a second place finish in doubt but a win over Fiona ensured second place for Maureen with Fiona, third. Linda had a very good 3-0 win over Carol to secure fourth place but Carol’s wins over Ros and Winnie gave her fifth spot. After beating Maureen, Winnies’ hopes of avoiding seventh place were dashed when Ros beat her 3-1 and so it finished Joy, Maureen, Fiona, Linda, Carol, Ros and Winnie.



Ladies Doubles

The ladies formed doubles pairings; Joy and Winnie, Maureen and Ros and Fiona and Linda. Fiona and Linda started with a 3-0 win over Joy and Winnie, and then defeated Maureen and Ros 14-12 in the fifth end. Joy and Winnie then also had a five-game match against Maureen and Ros which they won 11-7 in the final end. Fiona and Linda finished 1st, Joy and Winnie, 2nd, and Maureen and Ros, 3rd.

The feeling from the Ladies about their competitions seemed to indicate that while it was a limited success, it probably shouldn’t be a regular event in the future.

The next event on 21 January will revert to the old style groups at the first stages; groups of three hopefully will be the norm with slightly bigger groups at the later stages.  The next two assessments will also feature doubles; the January on will be Open Doubles; February will feature age group doubles AND the AGM.

It would not be right of me to finish this report without mention of Drew McLaren. I really cannot add to what has already been said and written about him. It goes without saying he will be sorely missed by us all.  We will all have our own thoughts and memories of him and all I can say is; “Drew, it has been a pleasure knowing you.”



Another season, new faces, some weel-kent ones from the past, 204+ games to play, and finish by 5.30pm!!!  This time, it was agreed to make the early round more small groups and then followed by fewer larger ones.  At least that was the plan, so here goes…….

We began with knock out ties and then two groups of six. Stewart Crawford (is he really a veteran??) entered for the first time and looked like the one to beat. Also, Charlie Ellis and Gregor Ksiazek made their debuts.

Charlie began with a 3-0 win over Dariusz Szymzac, Gregor lost in 4 to Keith Dingwall and Stewart saw off Uwe Petermann also in three ends. Brian Wright, Dylan deSilva and Steve Collins came through without dropping a game to Fiona Kinloch, Lance Stockdale and Ian McHarg respectively.

That gave a top group of Stewart, Dylan, Charlie, Steve, Brian and Keith. Stewart began with two 3-0 wins over Dylan and Keith to set the pace, and Charlie also won his two openers, 3-0 against Keith and Steve. Brian dropped an end against Steve and lost to Stewart 14-12 in the fourth game of a great match. Dylan recovered from his defeat at the hands of Stewart to win his remaining games, two epic five ends against both Charlie and Keith, to hold on to second place overall. Meanwhile Stewart defeated Charlie in four and in his last game, maintained his 100% record with a win against Steve again in four ends, and topped the group. Charlie completed his day in third place, the very last match of the group against Brian saw him come back from 0-2 down to win with 11-5, 14-12, 11-4 score lines.

The top six finished Stewart, Dylan, Charlie, Brian, Keith and Steve. Roll on the next assessment!!! 

In the scrap for places 7-12, Darius looked odds on to take seventh place. Wins over Gregor and Ian put him in the driving seat, but Uwe edged him out 8-11 I the fifth. However, wins over Lance and Fiona gave him top place. The real battle was for places 8-10. Uwe, Ian and Lance contrived to win three games each However, Uwe, after beating the top player in this group, managed to lose out to both Ian and Lance and Lance’s close win over Ian, gave him eighth place, 11-5, 16-14, 8-11, 9-11, 11-9 being the scores. Gregor notched up a 3-0 win over Fiona to finish in eleventh place.

The positions for places 7-12 were then Dariusz, Lance, Ian, Uwe, Gregor and Fiona.


We began with seven groups of three. Group 1 saw Colin Green defeat both Tam Lawlor and David Simpson 3-0 to take top place, Tam beating David 3-2 after being 0+2 down. Gerry Campbell also progressed with two 3-0 wins over Brian Hunter and newcomer Derek Paterson, with Brian taking second spot also with a 3-0 win, over Derek. Callum Gerrard won group three with a similar score line, Paul, Monteith and Senga Thomson being his victims. Paul’s 3-0 win over Senga gave him second place. Martin McKay won group 4; he dropped then opening game against Andy Keith, another debutant, but recovered to take the next thr4ee as well as 3-0 win over Maureen Moran.

Andy edged out Maureen, also in four games. Kenny McLean had a harder time of it in group 5. He beat Brian Irvine 3-1 and against Neil, Doherty, came back from 0-2 to win the last three games 11-7, 11-7, 11-6. The other game in this group saw Neil oust Brian also in five ends, Neil wining the odd games and Brian the even ones!! Gordon Waddell, making his debut in the 50+ age group, came through in straight games against Paul Dowden and Andy McIntyre, Paul defeating Andy after being down 0-2 to take second place. Group seven saw Joy Daniels take top place with a close win over Jonathan Foulds, another newcomer, and a fantastic win over Robbie McIntosh, losing the first two games, 12-14, 9-11 and taking the next three 11-6, 12-10, 11-9. Robbie also lost another close game to Jonathan in four ends.

Places 1-7; I suppose the question had to be, could anyone stop Gerry?? The two-lettered answer was NO. Gordon, Kenny, Colin, Callum, Joy and Martin all tried but just could not make and headway against him, Gerry winning every game 3-0!!  Gordon’s first chance in this age group saw him losing just to Gerry and he took second place. Kenny, after some close matches in his group, just could not get going against the top two and he finished in third, mainly thanks to a fight back against Martin when he edged home in the last two games, 16-14, 12-10. Colin finished in the middle in fourth; losing to the top three and defeating the bottom three!! Callum’s wins over Joy and Martin gave him fifth place with Joy in sixth after her win also over Martin. Unfortunately, Martin finished in seventh after “one of those days!!.”

Finishing places were, Gerry, Gordon, Kenny, Colin, Callum, Joy and Martin.

The group for places 8-14 also saw a clear winner.  Tam Lawlor defeated the others in the group.  He had a close game against Jonathan, eventually winning 11-7 in the fifth and dropped a game against Neil. Brian Hunter also had a great day. He completed this group in second place losing only to Tam. Neil completed the top three in the group with four wins.  Paul finished in the middle, beating the bottom three and losing to the top here!! Jonathan completed his first assessment with a couple of wins relegating Paul and Andy to the last two, places.

Finishing places 8-14 were Tam, Brian, Neil, Paul, Jonathan, Paul, and Andy.

The places 15-21 group was equally as challenging as the other two.  David Simpson ended up in top place here without losing a game. Andy McIntyre was pushed into second with Brian Irvine, Maureen Moran and Robbie McIntosh next. Derek Paterson finished in 20th with Senga Thomson one place lower.

Finishing positions for places 15-21 were, David, Andy, Brian, Maureen, Robbie, Derek and Senga.


The first stage saw 7 knock-out ties and Charlie Brown going to the top group with a bye.  Sinclair Houston and Steven Crook breezed past John Kerr and Sue Adamson in straight games. Geoff Hunter also progressed dropping a set to Monte Bleasdale.  The close games were played on the other table; Dave McDonald edging home 12-10 in the fifth end against Roy Claxton, Peter Aird doing likewise 11-9 against Pat Duffy and to complete the sequence, Peter Shaw, 11-8 against Danny Gallagher. Jim Anderson also progressed against Spencer Ormsby, despite dropping the first game 6-11.

Top seed, Charlie, started off with two wins, Jim Anderson and Peter Shaw both losing 0+3. Sinclair Houston also opened with two wins, Peter and Peter Aird the unlucky losers. The game between Sinclair and Peter Aird proved decisive; both players won their remaining games to clinch the top two places, with Peter having a few very close games, especially one against Charlie which he won 12-10 in the fifth. Sinclair’s closest game was against Steven Crook, coming from 1-2 down to take the final two games 12-10, 11-6.

Steven and Geoff Hunter both won four games, Geoff’s best game was his 3-1 win over Charlie. However, Steven took third spot with a close 3-2 win over Geoff, 11-6 in the final game.  Charlie finished in fifth place, Jim, Peter Shaw and Davie being his victims.  Peter Shaw completed his day in sixth, with Jim and Davie completing the top eight positions.

In the competition for places 9-15, it looked on paper that Pat Duffy and Roy Claxton would be the contenders; and so it proved. The game between them was won by Roy in three games, 17-15 in the third, Monte Bleasdale and John Kerr taking Pat to five ends before Pat scraped the wins.  Roy also dropped a game against Monte, but was otherwise a comfortable winner.  Spenser Ormsby eased into third place here, with wins over Sue, Danny, Monte and John. Monte completed the day in fourth and possibly deserved to finish higher.  John finished one place lower and Danny’s 3-1 win over Sue gave him sixth spot.

Finishing positions were; 1. Sinclair 2. Peter Aird 3. Steven Crook 4. Geoff Hunter 5. Charlie Brown 6. Peter Shaw 7. Jim Anderson 8 Davie McDonald 9. Roy Claxton 10. Pat Duffy 11. Spencer Ormsby 12. Monte Bleasdale 13. John Kerr 14. Danny Gallagher 15 Sue Adamson.


This group of six looked likely to split into to groups of three; and so it proved!! Richard Masterson, Ray Howe and Ian McLagan all defeated Linda Powell, Winnie Stein and Peter Klemm and both groups of three defeated each other!!! Three players won four games, and three players, one  game each. In his first game, Ray edged home against Richard in 5 ends, 11-9 in the last game. However he lost to Ian by a similar score line and in the decider, Richard stormed home in three against Ian.

Richard took top spot, then Ray and thirdly, Ian. Peter Klemm, Linda Powell and Winnie Stein fought out places 4-6. Linda defeated Peter 3-0 in the opening game, and then Peter defeated Winnie 3-1. Linda and Winnie had an enthralling five game battle, Winnie recording a 16-14 win in the last game.

That gave Linda 4th place, Winnie, 5th and Peter 6th.


This competition welcomed back Barrie Hills after illness. However, it was not a winning return as he recorded only the one win, defeating bob Sterling in four. A loss against Peter Howarth meant he finished in sixth place. It really was the Bill Davidson and Doug Sinclair show, with them defeating Bob, Peter and Barrie as well as Drew McLaren. The last match decider between them was a very tight match. Doug edged the first game 14-12 but Bill fought back to win the next two 11-7, 11-4. The fourth end was an easy 11-1 win for Doug to level the
match.  In the last end, Doug seemed to be heading for a win, leading by a good few points at the change of ends when suddenly Bill hit back, taking 7 of the following 8 points to grab an 11-7 win.  Bob’s 3-1 win over Drew gave him third place.

Finishing positions were, Bill, Doug, Bob, Drew, Peter and Barrie. 

In an over 70 Challenge, the 70+ players defeated the 75+ players by 8
games to 5 in singles and doubles play; this was meant to be a “fun event”

So ended a day of table tennis; perhaps too many games for some, but it was worth trying out a different format; the  40+ and both 70+ groups may not have had more games, but the  50+ and 60+ did and comments have been made, mostly encouraging and happy with the format used. Please feel to inform me of your feelings about the event.

See you in November.